Sony PlayStation Bundle (price negotiable)

Get the ultimate player's bundle. Buy both for $470 (negotiable)

PS4 (available standalone with all the components for $350):

gt As good as new

gt 1TB Hard Drive

gt 4 games [Uncharted Collection (3 games in1), Bloodborne (with complete official game guide), The Last of Us Remastered (game of the year edition w/ all DLC) and Dark Souls 3]

gt Original PS4 HDMI cable

gt DualShock 4 controller with original USB charging cable

gt FREE extra 5 metre HDMI cable

PS Vita (2nd generation) (available standalone with all the components for $150):

gt Sony Ps Vita 8GB memory card

gt Two games [Lego Movie game and Metal Gear Solid HD Collection(3 games in 1)]

gt Original PS Vita Augmented Reality playing cards (full set)

gt Ps4 remote play supported for all Ps4 games above

gt Original Playstation Vita charger

gt FREE Micro fiber cleaning cloth (recommended for the screen)



Ad Posted 02 Dec 2019
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Location : Cranbourne Park,Harare

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