Eco-Friendly Car Wash


*What is it about?*

*-Exterior cleaning*

It involves the use of natural, water soluble, harmless and ecofriendly liquid cleaning agents in the form of a body cleaning wax, bug amp window cleaner, tyre and rim cleaner as well as tyre polisher to bring about a lasting clean look to the car which last for up to a week with the car only requiring a polishing touch after a day's drive . The cleaning agents removes dirty by means of emulsion which coats and suspends all the dirty on the car’s surface so that it can be wiped of by specially designed Micro-fiber cloth. About 750ml to 1litre of water is used on rinsing the cloths only.

*NOTE: More water is only used when the car is very muddy in order to avoid scratches on wiping with the cloths*

*-Internal cleaning*

Involves the use of a leather and vinyl as well as upholstery cleaning agent by just spraying and wiping mechanism. A Vacuum cleaner is applicable to remove solid and liquid dirt particles in both accessible as well as inaccessible parts of the car interior

*Why the waterless cleaning*

• Cost-effective and time-saving alternative to the traditional and now outdated car wash

• 100% environmentally friendly as it uses 100% natural and soluble cleaning agents. Zero ‘toxic runoff’ or water pollution and each car wash save 200 litres of water.

• Only natural wax, an incredible eco-friendly product ensures a shiny finish which does not damage the vehicle’s paint by UV paintwork protection without discoloration. The wax is not sensitive to temperatures like other wax which becomes sticky, attracting dust and insects.

*Our services*

Includes mobile amp inhouse exterior as well as interior waterless car washing

*Contacts on App/Call/Text*



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