3-4 Bedroom House Plans,Industrial Designs,Garden Flat Designs

You want the best?You want thorough detailing for your designs?Do you want a designer that actually respects your inputs?Do you want a provoking project that will generate lots of attention when actually built?Do you have money and hate mediocre outputs from service providers?

If you answered yes to all the above.Contact me,we set up a whatsapp call or skype and I will showcase my best finished projects (Real3D Portifolio!No cartoon images)

NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED #100% on Delivery

Under 200 squre metres (stand size) Design Fees= RTGS 1'600.00

Underr 350 squre metres (stand size) Design Fess=RTGS 3'600.00

Under 850 squre metres (stand size) Design Fees=RTGS 4'800

Under 1200 squre metres (stand size) Design Fees=RTGS 9'600.00

Under 2100 squre metres (stand size) Design Fees=RTGS14'400.00

Under 5000 squre metres (stand size) Design Fees=RTGS 56'000.00

Under 7000 squre metres (stand size) Design Fees=RTGS 96'000.00

Client Advise:Download your top 3 (three best ideas) or up to five maximum and email to me on carleetbunjira@outlook.com!Don't procastinate,lets get the job done!

Ad Posted 02 Sep 2019
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Carleet Bunjira

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