Detoxification package for both males and females


*♻️*Is the medicinal removal of toxic substances from Human Body*

*♻️These toxins ( dirty), comes from the junk food,Air pollution, recycled water, Alcohol,chemical medicine, Radiation from micro waves, cell phones e t c,*

*♻️Accumulation of these toxins in our systems will slow down or shut or crush totally our systems and do us harm and cause diseases which will trouble now us.*

*#£ The purpose of detoxfication is to cleans internal impurities,or internal toxins,if left to thrive they causes health deterioration and diseases*


▪️sexual dysfunction


▪️eye disorder




▪️Bp amp diabetes

▪️stomach problems


*♻️Taking steps to thoroughly detox your body,using our 100% natural and organic products, will restore yr physical and emotional energy,increase your mental stamina,increase digestion process,aid with weight loss,and help you look and feel much healthier!*

*♻️Our 100%natural and organic health products,continually eliminate excess toxins(tsvina)*

*♻️Our Detoxfication Health products eliminate Harmful invaders such as chemical toxic, bacteria,virus e t c*

*We have 2 types of Detoxfication*

*(1) Intensive detoxfication*

*(2) mild detoxfication with different prices,*

*♻️#£ Your your health is your first wealth*

*Place your order*

Ad Posted 26 Feb 2021
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